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history of photography timeline

I think the one that changed many peoples lives would be the first one the first kodak camera because it is something big that no one thought it would happened. Everyone was surprised that a new camera came out because they didn’t think a new one would come out and be popular. I am surprised that it came out early I thought I came out like 2007 or something like that.

Many people didn’t know about any of these cameras where made or when they were made, so I found it very interesting to find some new ones. I think that they are some very creative camera options and no one except it to be that interesting or even life changing.


These are my new plants and I wanted to show them off.


I like this one because its almost as the same as mine, but there’s is better. I like how they showed all the different trees and they showed it all alone. Overall I like these kind of picture because they are simple to take and simple to edit.

meticulous photography

I like this one because it kind of similar to mine with the size difference. I also like how the colors match so well to each other. Its an amazing work and I like it very much because it matches so well and the sizes as well somehow match so well, like I don’t have a creative eye for this but this picture is really good and I like it because it has different sizes. Honestly mine is not that good but I like it better than the other ones I took were not that good, I also didn’t have a another good idea what to do so I just sticked to that and I guess it worked good but not how I wanted.

birds eye/ bugs eye

This is my dog, Lola. She is a blue nose Pitbull and I love her so much. I don’t know if you can tell but she is very energetic and she couldn’t stop jumping to me so that is why it looks a little blurry. we had her for about 2 years now and she has grown so much. She still haven’t have babies which is a good thing but also a bad thing because we can see how cute they are. Her name is Lola, because the rest of our dogs were names with an L , Like lobo, which is wolf in Spanish, Luna, as in moon is Spanish and we thought about it and we were like oh lets just name her with an L as well.

100 most influential of all time

This picture really speaks to me because it shows how the mother is feeling like and it just shows how much the mom cares for there children. It really shows how she is feeling and how people see mothers because they are strong and powerful. This shows how people from the Vietnamese went to Thailand. This all happened on Thanksgiving Day in 1977, to think that people were rushing to go to another country on a day that we are supposed to say thanks at is just crazy to me. The person that wrote it said that the pictures he took opened a lot of doors for more than 200,000 refugees.

This picture is just amazing. This shows a lot because it shows a lot of sadness, this is what was happening and still happening to people that are poor and cant afford anything, which is sadly still happening and people don’t seem to notice it but it is and its sad to even thing that. This was taken in the year 1992, in Somalia. The photographer that took this photo was not able to say anything about this picture. But they did but this picture on a cover of New York Times.

This photo is very powerful as well because African Americans where put in a position that they were slaves for many years and they couldn’t do anything about this because if they did they would of have die because of telling them to leave them alone.  She was one of a photographer and wanted to find another black photographer and a women to tell her story and relate to the other women. I feel like this picture is very powerful for the women’s because men and others have this idea of us that we are only to stay at home and clean, cook, take care of the children which I don’t like that they put us as that idea and think we are only good for that.

how to capture motion blur in photography

Capturing pictures is something big for everyone not just photographers.  Capturing the perfect blur picture would be to slow down your shutter speed. Which must be 1/400th second. The second one is to secure your camera, and which can be optional for some people, you can use a tripod. Another one is to try shutter priority mode which is the most important and it changes a small thing.

Some other things are small apertures because if it’s too bright and if you are outside and its to bright then it won’t be good. You also must decrease your ISO to make the impact sensitivity. You also must have to put a neutral density filter because those filters cut down the light passing through your lens.