Camera Modes

Camera modes

Automatic modes- this is the best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash.

Portrait mode- this is something that would only let you focus on what you are shooting. Its something that would help you very well.

Macro mode- this mode lets you move closer to your subject to take a close look. This is a great mode for shooting flowers, insects or other small objects.

Landscape mode- this is another mode that helps you shot very good pictures of mountains and trees. This can go a very long way because it captures wide scenes.

Sports mode- photographing moving objects is what sports mode is for. This will help if you are photographing people running.

Night mode- this is for shooting in low light and sets you camera to use a longer shutter speed. This can also blur your background.

Movie mode- this is for capturing still images to capturing moving ones. The quality is not that good like pictures.

Semi-automatic modes

Aperture priority mode- this mode is really a semi-automatic mode where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses.

Shutter priority mode- shutter priority is very similar to aperture priority mode. This one you can select a shutter speed and the camera.

Program mode- this is like auto, but this mode gives you more control over some other features. This one you can change the flash, white balance, ISO.

Manual mode- this mode you have full control over your camera. It gives you the flexibility to set your shots up.

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