Conceptual self portrait

AP: 2.5
ISO: 160
S: 1/122

Conceptual photography is a type of photography that shows how you really are and how you want the world to see you as and express you feelings. This picture shows how I am because it shows that I am very creative, I love to make people happy and feel good when they are sad. It also shows that I love to travel and I love to go to amusement parks. It also shows how I am in the outside with all the colorful colors because I am always happy and you really never see me sad or mad only when I am alone. It also shows that I love to make bracelets for everyone and love to make other people happy that I am always thinking about them and showing them my emotions about them in a bracelet. I like to think that I am a really nice person and like to make people happy and to enjoy life that they have and really just make them really feel good about themselves.

This portrait is really good. I think this is a good one because it shows how she really is and that she likes to dress up and expresses herself. Many people may not like her art work because it really shows how she is. I don’t think that her work is bad its really good. I would like to be as creative as her because she just puts the right work and it looks good. She uses many different kinds of camera angles and that looks really good.


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